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Please help us break the cycle of abandonment.  Every day a significant number of people from within the Phoenix metro area, move away from their residences and leave their pet behind.  They are domestic animals that, are not equipped to survive on their own.  On their own, they starve or freeze to death, spread infectious disease, are killed by wild animals, and are used by some people as "target practice."  Many are fertile, and continue to breed and create more homeless animals.  Don't allow this tragic cycle to continue.

Many Arizonans are still not aware that Animal Abandonment is ILLEGAL in the state of Arizona.  A person who violates ARIZONA REVISED STATUTE 13-2910 may be guilty of a class 6 felony.  The crime description includes intentionally or knowingly subjecting any animal under the person's custody or control to cruel neglect or abandonment that results in serious physical injury to the animal.  So if you know someone who has committed this crime, or is considering committing this crime, PLEASE ask them to reconsider.  Help them learn what their options are.  Encourage them to take responsibility for their pet's life.  

Four Peaks Animal Rescue receives NO Federal, State, County or City Funds.  4PAR depends entirely on your tax-deductible donations. Every dollar donated goes directly to the rescue, rehabilitation, training and placement of animals in need of care in Maricopa County, Arizona.  

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If you would like to volunteer please contact Sheri at 4PARvolunteer@desertinet.com


A young boy walked the beach at low tide
tossing stranded starfish back into the

“You can’t save them
all, son.” His father

Calmly throwing
another back into safe
waters the boy replied
that one.”